Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed- why it’s your new favourite car

The new Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed is the perfect blend of style and power. This diesel monster is one of the toughest and safest cars in its class.

Using the latest, advanced diesel technology, the Pajero Exceed’s engine is the same type that’s used in Mitsubishi’s big commercial trucks. So you’ll have no problem pulling a boat up a jetty, or hauling that trailer when you’re moving that mattress that is impossible to get rid of in Auckland for some reason. The INVECS II 5-speed, automatic transmission not only adapts to your driving style by measuring your use of the pedals, but lets the engine work most effectively at rev speed, for a smoother acceleration. The monocoque frame is a system that’s been adapted from aircraft design, lowering the centre of gravity of the vehicle, allowing for safer cornering and handling. At home just as much on the motorway as driving across a sand dune, the Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed is the most powerful car in its class.

With the latest RISE technology, the Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed is as safe as they come. This latest safety feature absorbs impact energy and disperses it to other parts of the car, keeping the passenger area the same shape making it safer for everyone. Add to that the standard driver, passenger and curtain airbags, and the Pajero Diesel Exceed is one of the safest cars in its class.

The Pajero Exceed has a gorgeous, modern interior, designed to make you journey as smooth as possible. The beautifully crafted leather seats are incredibly comfortable, ergonomically designed to give support where it’s needed. They’re even heated for those cold Winter mornings, making your trip to work a little more bearable.

Paj Excd MY12 IBark (1)

If you’re interested in the Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed, call Andrew Simms today and book a test drive. To drive the Pajero Exceed is to love it.

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